Research & Insights

I excel in Research and uncovering Insights with a human-centered approach. Using research methods such as focus groups, user tests, customer and market surveys, ethnography, and interviews, my work displays a sincere commitment to understanding and empathizing with customers. This perspective also guides the creation of strategies and solutions that align with genuine needs and drive business success.

Product Strategy

Using insights, I create product concept briefs and collaborate closely with Product Development teams to bring concepts to life. My goal is always to create products that solve customer problems, fueling market share growth. Through the product development journey, I keep the voice of the customer front and center. My work is always forward-looking with comprehensive long-term product roadmaps, building portfolios of products that deliver real value.

Go To Market Planning

I've led teams that created expertly-crafted and flawlessly executed Go To Market plans. It starts with building deep customer understanding, enabling tailored messaging and positioning to genuinely connect with the target audience, influencing our marketing channels and tactics. Ultimately, this customer-centric approach sets the stage for sustainable success by laying a strong foundation for ongoing customer engagement and product growth, cultivating a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Team & Project Leadership

I'm passionate about guiding and mentoring team members in the art of campaign creation. My approach involves uncovering actionable insights, discovering customer needs, and mastering language that resonates with our target audience. I thrive in the creative process of compelling stories that captivate and inspire action. Beyond mentorship, I have the critical tools and frameworks for effectively scoping and sequencing projects and have orchestrated seamless cross-functional collaboration to support successful launches. My expertise extends from project strategy through to execution, meticulous measurement, and continuous iteration, ensuring the achievement of our campaign objectives.